I’m Moving..

Yes, You got it Right.

I would be moving my blog soon because we need a CBOX partly and I feel so.. not bored with wordpress.

Just moving to a new site. Hopefully, it would grow from there like what it became here.


You could start to re-link me soon,

the new site : www.chocxlotte.co.nr

the Site is still under construction, but you could pretty much view everything as I am doing my last edits for the site.

Remember, link me again @ www.chocxlotte.co.nr okay!

I’ll see you there.


To WordPress.com , Thank you for the past one year I have been here.

Indeed, its a remarkable year and WordPress rocks.

When I actually get a site of my own, I am definitely going back to WordPress.

Because they can put CBOX if I have my own Hosted SITE!!


I shall start saving money now.

Jun Hsien, your birthday present!

A Chatbox at my new blog/site. (:


Hey, re-link me okay. Www.chocxlotte.co.nr

I’ll definitely miss this blog.

I hope people would still go to my page next time.






the site : www.chocxlotte.co.nr




To All the Readers & Everyone out there,
Happy Easter!
To Lee Jun Hsien,
Happy belated 17th Birthday!

I can COOK!

I just cooked my breakfast.
Nothing burn, Nothing wrong.
I can cook okay!
well, i used to can’t cook. I learn okayyyy! 
Next Experiment : Lunch at 1400.
OMG. pray that i wont burn my food. Haha (:
Edits :
I feel so sad right now. I just don’t understand why am I gaining even more weight.
Bla bla bla.
I am so sick of gaining weight after losing.
Instead I gained more now.
Why does this have to happen to me?

Piracy? Pirates? What?

Just when I need my photoshop. They tell me I need to get/buy an activation code (it means that I have to buy the original copy). This happens, when you buy pirated goods. Its like 100% thing that every Malaysian household which owns a computer would use pirated software and games. I know, I do. Besides, who actually spends the money to buy original DVDs or even Computer games? They cost a bomb and I do not have THAT much cash to spend on this kind of “use one time and don’t know where it goes the next time”.

I think, I never actually cherished or treasure ANY of my pirated goods. From ciplak VCDS and videogames, I think the only one I ever really “treasured” was my Sims discs and SIMS only. Thats like the only game I love to play besides all the mini-games which I illegally cracked. Haha.

Wonders of the internet man.

Now, VCD and DVD are so out. The “in-thing”, watching movies and dramas online.

This is one lame post.


Parents are back.

Oh well, looks like I just have to re-install the Photoshop again.

ZOMG. I just typed my post and it did not load.

I’ll update this post soon enough.

Twice its deleted.


Uber pain in the ass la this laptop!


MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was already done ):


Catch a Falling Star?

After all the days out of home and out in the sun, I am now sick. I just hate getting sick. Its so not fun except you get to sleep all you want. Now, I’m down with a cold and a very very painful throat. Oh great.

I went back home early from school today. I could not even concentrate much in class.  Really.

Looks like I got lots of catching up to do IF I don’t attend school again tommorow.

On another note, the weather is seriously nuts. Just when I like it Sunny, it starts pouring. Just when I like it raining, it stops raining. Why??? ):





You can do it Charlotte!

I’m back from Kembara Orientation Camp.

In one word, I would describe the camp : FUN

For the past three days, I have been staying in school, bathing in the school girl’s toilet, eating in the canteen, sleeping at the field, rolling around the mud in the field and many more. It was the Kembara Orientation Camp. The purpose of this camp was to orientate us and foster friendship among the seniors and the freshies and I kinda forgot the rest. Mainly, Seniors can bully Freshies.

There were several activities that I found it very interesting and very fun. One of the was the Cooking Session. We had to cook fishes, chicken, rice & vegetables. Being a very NOOB at this, I think I did a great job on it. I managed to clean the fish without any problems.. (because I was smart to ask my dad to teach me how to clean the fish) and I tried cooking it myself too.

Infraray was fun too. Being blindfolded and being disturbed so badly. Thank you to those people who tried poking me so much and untying my shoelaces about like 3 times. Thank you to the “leader” for bring us round and round the same place. Not forgetting, my fellow teamates who helped one another during this activity. I wish I could do this activity again. It was fun.

I also like the Obstacle Run. Kudos to Woon Zhien and co for organizing it. Filling the field full was mud was fun ain’t it? The tasks were quite simple yet complicated. Besides, it was also to test our teamwork and I felt that we really work hard together (: I love WeePee.

Lastly, I would like to thank the organising committee for organizing this camp. Sir & Pn. Fari too for making this happen.

And to my rocking team, you guys rock!

Team WeePee : Kevin Kok . Elroy . Wen Jun . Shiat Teen . Charlotte . Sathesh & Wei Chun ((:

Pictures would be up, If I could get hold of them (: